Our Story

Niki Jewels began as Nikita Exports Pvt. Ltd. in the year 1993, created by our founder, Ravi Sanwalka. Having traded with and marketed diamonds to companies all over the world, he returned to India with a mission: to combine the fine art of understanding the beauty of the diamond with the craftsmanship of high-end luxury jewellery and bring it to the women of India.

Since 1993, Nikita Exports has sold diamonds to the top jewellery and diamond houses around the world—

Gosho Jewels & Mitsubishi (Japan), Continental Jewellery , Lee Heng Diamond Company (Hong Kong), Beauty Gems (Thailand) , Meirow + Klink (Germany), M Fabrikant & Sons, Harry Winston (USA), Capellaro & Co. (Italy), SFM Société Française de Manufacture (France). 

We began by designing and creating pieces of jewellery for family and friends, which became Niki Jewels as we know it today. In our 25+ years of business, we have sold to over 5000 customers in India and abroad. Our hope is that through Niki, we can forge meaningful relationships to foster the cultural exchange of innovation and value. 

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